Monday, February 22, 2010


last nigt..sorry..this early morning..around 2am..i were wrote something for my entry, but something was happened with this connection. directly continue to my morning lets talk about my ending hols week..its done!! n im done!! no moar relaxing, no more joking, no more treating (tipu)...i will focus a 100% for my assignment..for my work..for my job as a uni student (macam tak percaya)..yayya..i liar..totally i am...when i start to state my objective today,..i will start to cross it up then...haha...being a foolish to make rules made by me then cut it of by me also....what a jerk student..khehe.. tp i masi pandai dan masi sedarkan diri who i am...

when i pandang ke tingkap, i saw haze d langit..owh, hari ni tak hot...windy pun agak worry sebab kain basuhan i mesti tak kering...tak mengapa, besok pakai baju yang lain kan...kehhke...actually.hari ni tak planning what im gonna to do, just staying in my room, keep the window and the door close and avoid my skin from any uv lightning (padahal sep-sep mau tidur)...

owh last night was also a scary night..i jumpa lipan d bilik i...within this month, i found it twice....seriouse, twice..imagine ..1st ari tuh i dah just sebesar jari kelingking...not what i see the big one which 'walk' to me. besar!! macam jari hantu ,,panjang macam jari hantu jugak..surely this time i faced with the lebih sikit..y my room dah jd macam zoo binatang liar..x pernah safety, maybe sebab jerebu ka?..owh gosh..

ok..time to continue my work..time to say bye bye,,time to say daaaaaa

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