Sunday, September 6, 2009

its too much...

sahur hari ini.....tada!!!!!
aku penat...aku malas..aku bosan..aku benci..too much to do...too much to think..too muvh to hold....ingin aku luahkan segalanya..but i cant..its too much..but i dont want forget this moment..i will post soon...i mean..soon..thats it..

now im taking ma sahur..arghh...only this becoz only this i have now...tetiba terpikir klu sahur yang mama i buat ikan kuning + ikan masin masak asam..yummy.... tapi itu semua kalau..i mean if..
ok...klu da too much to do..too much to think...n too much tp hold..i have to go since i have a new thing to do..better i do it as i know the dateline of it..damn!!1 date line!! hate it....


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